4th Bioinformatics Stem Cells Satellite Workshop,
Stem Cell Network NRW - 6th International Meeting
Essen, April 7th, 2011


Call for Presentations




The next workshop will take place in Cologne in April 2013, as a Satellite to the next Stem Cell Meeting NRW

NEW: Preliminary Program, last modified Mar 29, 2011, Abstracts

Following up our Bioinformatics Stem Cells Satellite Workshops in 2010 (Dresden), 2009 (Aachen) and 2008 (Dresden), we would like to invite you to the 4th Bioinformatics Satellite Workshop taking place after the Stem Cell Network NRW - 6th International International Meeting, on April 7th, 2011, 9:20 - approx. 16h, at the Robert-Koch-Haus, Virchowstr. 179, Essen. Raum 0.38, EG

Again, we would like to provide an interdisciplinary platform where different perspectives can meet, and discuss problems of stem cell data processing and analysis. Short talks (5-15 minutes) by experimentalists are strongly encouraged and it is OK if these just describe "your bioinformatics needs". A panel of bioinformatics experts from Edinburgh, Kiel, Aachen, Berlin, Münster and Rostock will try to give you feedback, and possibly collaborations can be started.

Organizing Committee

For information on the Bioinformatics Satellite Workshop please contact:
stemcell-bioinformatics 'at' informatik.uni-osnabrueck.de.

Prof. Dr. Georg Fuellen
University Rostock
fuellen 'at' uni-rostock.de
Tel.: +49 381 494 7360
Dr. Marcos J. Araúzo-Bravo
MPI for Molecular Medicine, Münster
marcos.arauzo 'at' @mpi-mail.mpg.de
Tel.: +49 251 70365 326

Lena Scheubert
University Osnabrück
lena 'at' informatik.uni-osnabrueck.de
Tel.: +49 541 969 2509

Sponsors and fees

Thanks to sponsorship by the DFG Priority Program SPP 1356 “Pluripotency and Cellular Reprogramming", by the Institute for Transfusion Medicine of the University Hospital Essen, by the Stem Cell Network NRW and by the IBIMA Rostock, the workshop will be free of charge to everyone who registers at least one week before the event. On-site registrants are expected to pay a donation of 10 EUR; they are admitted as space permits. Please, do register soon so that we can plan accordingly.